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Tours & Guided Walks

Join the owners of one of Brisbane's oldest privately owned homes for a special peak into this lovingly restored heritage property.


Join local Paddington legends Mike Hilburger and John Prpic (no there is not a typo in his name) for a shorter but hugely entertaining crawl along the Terraces between Paddington's famous or infamous watering holes.  History in a glass!


Join former Queensland Government Architect Malcolm Middleton for a walking tour of Paddington's historical buildings and notable architecture.   A 90min tour starting at Trammies Corner, cnr of Latrobe & Prince St, and concluding at the Ithaca War Memorial.

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Join our guided group tours for a casual stroll along the terraces while learning about the history of the strip and the buildings that line its streets.  Departing from either Trammies Corner on Latrobe and Prince OR Darling & Co at 157 Given Tce, these walking tours will take you from one end of the Terraces to the other.  Along the way explore the history of the stories of the buildings that line the streets. 

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Get your walking shoes on and explore the history and architecture of Paddington for Free. Historical Walking Tours, BCC Kooka Trail and Vintage Shopping Trail. 

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