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Self Guided Tours


Mostly gentle downhill walk through the character-filled shops of Latrobe and Given Terraces. Can be walked in either direction. Starting at Trammies Corner and ending at Suncorp Stadium - this is where you can choose to return to Trammies Corner by shuttle bus if you wish, but ONLY on Saturday 5 August - the day of the festival! Parts of this trail were originally published by the Rotary Club of Paddington and Judy Magub as a Heritage Trail Booklet It has been adapted for Brisbane Open House - Villages of Brisbane Paddington, and digitized by Paddington Then & Now for the Paddington Now & Then Festival 2023


Shop sustainably in Paddo with a large selection of op-shops, vintage stores and preloved labels to choose from.


As part of the Paddington Terraces Village Precinct Project, Council introduces Kooka!, a playful nod to an Australian icon and a Paddington neighbourhood local, who has landed at 16 key locations along Given and Latrobe terraces, establishing the innovative and creative Paddington Terraces Kooka! Trail. Reflecting the native bird's social behaviour, Kooka! and its offspring 'baby' Kooka! can be found in a variety of combinations along the terraces. Designed by Brisbane’s Derlot and fabricated from waste concrete, each Kooka! includes artwork by 13 local Brisbane artists, further celebrating the Paddington terraces neighbourhood centre’s unique character and heritage, encouraging exploration of the artwork trail and centre, and creating a unique identity for the Paddington Terraces.

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